Hello! I'm Tracey Lee.


I’m a Women Empowerment Coach and founder of the Get Out Of Her Damn Way podcast, awakening women globally to unleash their truth and create their best life. So excited you popped by!


I love guiding women to their path of discovering their deepest desires, and watching them come to life with a magnetic fresh confidence.


My clients and I are ambitious women who know deep down we are meant for more and are ready to boldly go after our dreams with no excuses.


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Let’s get to know each other a little, shall we?


Before accepting my true calling in life I was always that crazy girl.  The one willing to step into the arena, get her ass kicked, and take a leap into the unknown.


It was the anticipation of what was on the other side of an experience that kept me pushing for more.


I started three businesses that were born out of a necessity to be my own boss.  And I wanted to see if I was cut out for entrepreneurship.


Every success and failure brought many lessons.  Guiding me closer to discovery of who I really was.  The woman under the armour of limiting beliefs and fears.  You know, the ones we all share that keep us stuck regardless of how hard we work.


If I wanted to create lifelong change, level up my results, and feel worthy of this achievement, I had to go deeper and do the inner work.  Here I was met with fear, faith and a willingness to see where this journey could go.


And here I am. Out of the trenches and ready to show up for you.


To collapse the time it will take you to go from uncertainty in who you are, what you want and your lack of belief,  to boldly going after your life with confidence, clarity and empowerment.


You are powerful. And if you don’t believe this yet, stick with me because you will.

About Me


I went from encouraging women in fitness to empowering women in life.


Quantum leap to today, I bring the same spirit and fire, to help you get out of your damn way and boldly go after your dreams.  My mission in life is to inspire women and girls globally to find love and live their truth and not be held hostage by fear.  It's time to call your inner coach forward, break down your mind barriers and create your roadmap to empowerment.  You are meant for more.  How good are you willing to get?

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In 2021 the aha moment came fast and furious.   I kept lying to myself about what I really wanted in life, and doing more was not the answer.  The harder I worked the further I got from my truth.


So I did what any ambitious woman craving a quantum leap would do.  I hired my first coach and have never looked back. 


I traded clueless for confidence and clarity.  Now I successfully show women how to get clear on who they are, discover what they want, and break down the walls that keep holding them back.  I walk what I talk and am in the trenches alongside you.  I get you and know what it takes to finally put you and your dreams first.


The next chapter brings with it a whole new set of obstacles and I am facing many right now.  I’m launching my new podcast, the stage is calling my name, and retreats are in the near future.  Oh and I can’t forget I am buying a camp as part of my non for profit vision.


What’s next for you?  Let’s start at your new beginning and create the life you’ve been waiting for.

A combination of 19 years mentoring women, the deep entrenchment in intense study of the mind, and beating the odds thriving through a very dark past, all created this burning desire within me to serve.  The better I got to know myself, the more I understood why women needlessly suffer not knowing who they are or what they truly want. 

We can do better, be better and live better, but we don't.  Why is that?  Expanding your awareness of self, connecting the dots to discovering why you do what you do, and then finding the will to change, is where the impossible begins to feel possible.



My Coaching Services



I use a Trifecta boutique style approach to my coaching that allows women the one to one support for elevated success, coupled with a mastermind environment to create inspired lifelong change (and maybe some new friendships along the way).  The third and final piece I’ll hold in my back pocket.  You’ll understand more when we connect.


My unique method of Clarity, Connection and Creation allows you to explore all of your emotions, peel back the layers, and be guided to discovering the roots of who you really are.  So you can confidently step into your next chapter bringing your ideas and dreams to life.


My secret formula of F+F=F will be your go to when things get tough, because navigation of the NEW YOU is key to sustained change and growth.


I understand the struggle of making decisions when faced with fears and doubts.  My promise to you is to show up as my best self every single time to help you move through these challenging moments.  I will teach you to call your inner coach forward, and quiet your inner critic.


Know that I am on the same side of the table as you.  We are walking this bridge to the other side together.  And until you fully believe in your infinite potential, you can borrow my belief anytime you need it.


YOU know you are meant for more but your old self keeps pulling you back.  Together, let’s stop this cycle once and for all.


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My Mission

Tracey Lee’s mission is to help women get out of their own way, break down the mind barriers they’ve put up, and discover who they are, what they want, and leverage this new self awareness to boldly go after their dreams with no excuses. While creating new roots, lifelong transformation, and living a life on purpose.



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