Shea Invidiata

- K E Y N O T E   S P E A K E R - 

Sales Representative | eXp Realty Brokerage
Founder and Executive Director | Free-Them
Founder and CEO | Shae + Co. and The Freedom CEO Podcast

Impact Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Award-Winning Human Rights Activist, Philanthropist, Speaker, and Wellness Advocate are some of the titles that Shae Invidiata is known by.

Based in Costa Rica and Canada, Shae is an Impact Entrepreneur who believes you can make money with a purpose to create positive change. Shae is dedicated to building a legacy of significance and impacting the lives of millions.

Carole Filion

A decade ago, Carole found herself alone. With her 24-year marriage behind her, her grown kids out of the house, and her corporate position having been downsized, she found herself feeling lost and rudderless. Realizing that if anything was going to change, she would have to change the thinking that got her in this place, she embarked on a journey of introspection, investment and study that were key in carving out the life she so loves today.


Martha Burich

Martha Burich is the founder and CEO of Martha Burich Consulting.  Martha has helped hundreds change their thinking and behavior to overcome social anxiety, addictions and low self-esteem, to lead happy, healthy lives.

Tanya Russell 

Tanya Russell is a speaker, multi-business owner, best selling author, and empowerment coach for women.  She leans on her life experiences as a Mom, successful business woman and person who has created the life she dreamed of, to help others achieve the same for themselves.

Angeline Mitchell 

Angeline is the Founder and CEO of Let's Break the Silence with Angeline dedicated to helping women who have suffered domestic abuse regain their power and acquire the necessary tools to heal and embrace the goodness and love in their lives.

Leslie Gordon Christie

Leslie Gordon Christie is a mindset and weight release coach, helping driven women reclaim their energy, waistline, and zest for life, by shifting their THINKING.

Nubbia Quezada

Nubbia Quezada embarked on a deep spiritual awakening that ignited her transformative journey and a profound connection with the spiritual realm. Following the heart-wrenching loss of her brother to the grips of mental illness, her journey led her to the core of her being - revealing the authentic woman that lived within her all along.

Debbie Calladine

Debbie Calladine is a Mindset Coach and fast rising star at Conway Consulting.  

Life wasn't without its challenges for Debbie. She faced moments of self-doubt and uncertainty, just like anyone else. However, it was during these moments that she discovered the true potency of a resilient mindset. Through her own personal growth journey, she unearthed the tools and techniques that would later become the cornerstone of her coaching philosophy.


Cheryl Greenfield

From a victim to a survivor, and ultimately blossoming into a thriver, Cheryl Greenfield embodies a transformative journey coined "Empowered by Trauma." Her experiences, both challenging and enlightening, have led her to master the intricate dance between the mindset work and universal laws.

Kelly Anderson

Born and raised in Athens, Georgia, Kelly has worked in the health and fitness industry since 2006. She has vast experience in teaching Pilates, Corrective Exercise, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Mindset and Motivation. She is a life-long runner and has had a passion for all things health-related and anti-aging. She has a BFA degree in drawing and painting from the University of Georgia and ran her own mural painting company for 10 years.

Ariel Eggen

Ariel Eggen is the owner/operator of multiple businesses, including Financial Services Franchise, aka. her wealth care program, with a team of experts supporting people with short-term and long-term goals, including protecting and generating wealth.

Susannah Dawn

Susannah Dawn no longer fits the proverbial box – and never did. Having entered 2022 with a
total reinvention, she now looks at life and business from a vantage point set beyond labels…
beyond boxes… those places in which our fears work hard to confine us, trying to keep us from
seeing how we are so much more than boxes and labels could ever express.

Margaret Dennis

Margaret Dennis is the CEO & Founder of EVOLV coaching, Co-Founder of Unshakeable ME©
Summer Camps for Teenage Girls, a Women’s Life Empowerment & Grief Coach, TEDx
Speaker, Educator, Writer, and Certified Dare2Declare© Vision Board Facilitator.

Sandra Bruce

 Meet Sandra Bruce. This spirited, compassionate, and knowledgeable Fairy Godmother of Midlife has a
background in Child & Youth Social Work and worked in customer service for over 26 years and 12 years
holding management roles. Given her extensive experience and expertise, it comes as no surprise that
she is now following her passion for wellness, personal development, and gourmet experiences.

Aseel Anabtawi

Aseel Anabtawi is a Money Mindset & Embodiment coach. Combining Her background as an intuitive and energy healer with her money healing experiences, Aseel has created a life-changing Wealth Consciousness program.


Jenny Natyshak

Jenny Natyshak is a heart-centered leader who helps high achieving & successful women who have lost themselves living the life they “should'' to break free from burnout and stress, prioritize their self-love, discover their heart-centered purpose, and create an extraordinary life.   

Patricia Kennedy

I began my spiritual journey in 1992 when I encountered a rare, ancient Chinese medicine wisdom tradition. It was my first exposure to spirituality. This was to begin a lifelong journey to first learn the system and bring it alive within me and then to share the profound wisdom and tools with people everywhere. 

Melissa Trumble

Melissa (Mel) Trumble is a life-transforming force and the founder of ZFG Living LLC. As a life coach, speaker, podcast host, and bestselling author, Mel's mission is empowering individuals to unleash their authentic joy. Drawing from her journey of overcoming abuse, traumas, and limiting beliefs, Mel shares insights and wisdom with humor, candor, and a deep understanding of what it takes to live life to the fullest.

Christina Singhal

As a dedicated DreamBuilder Coach affiliated with the esteemed Brave Thinking Institute – the
pinnacle of Transformational Coaching training – Christina's journey is about so much more than
just work. It's about igniting souls and guiding them toward crafting lives that resonate with joy
and authenticity. 

Denise Gibbs

 In a world that sometimes knocked her down, Denise Gibbs found the strength to stand taller, turning her personal battles into a heartfelt mission to lift others up. As a mindset and wellness coach with a golden heart, Denise's own story took root in a corporate jungle where her voice often got lost in the crowd. It was a tough time, filled with moments of self-doubt and mounting stress, but it also became her stepping stone to rediscovering her true north.

 I believe there is no FEAR or FAILURE that you cannot OVERCOME. You just have to get out of your own DAMN WAY.

Don't compare your inside to someone else's outside. You are unique.That is why your ideas are unique to you. Therefore, how you bring your ideas to the world will never ever be the same as anyone else. I believe in you. I started the Get Out of Her Own Damn Way Movement, because I dramatically changed my life through doing inner work and taking action towards my dreams. I am here to help you do the same! I hope you join our summit, and pick up all sorts of jewels of wisdom that inspire you to take massive action as well!

TRY it, LOVE it, LIVE it   xo Tracey Lee

Founder of Get Out Of Her Damn Way Movement 

Women's Fitness Mentor and Coach for Over 20 Years |Women Empowerment Coach & Motivational Speaker





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80% of Profits Will Go To FREE-THEM to Help Eradicate Human Trafficking


Free-Them is a registered not-for-profit, volunteer operated, organization that is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to eradicate human trafficking in Canada and abroad. Free-Them focuses on all efforts around preventative measures including awareness, advocacy, education and implementing government policies and legislation on human trafficking and the exploitation of persons. Since 2010, Free-Them has become one of the most established and authoritative voices on the issue of human trafficking in Canada and has helped fund rescue efforts of hundreds of victims nationwide. Free-Them is a stakeholder in the federal government, provincial government of Ontario and Toronto’s municipal government, including three federal bills that have amended the Criminal Code of Canada and also to the federal government’s National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking. Free-Them is regularly called upon by various local and national media outlets for expertise on human trafficking and



With Intention, Shae Invidiata

Impact Entrepreneur | Investor | Philanthropist | Advocate | Speaker