Ambitious Woman With Big Aspirations

action energy mindset Jun 28, 2023


If right now you are an ambitious women with big aspirations, this is for you.


This share is inspired by a new profound awareness I just experienced, and if I’m going through it I know many of you are too.

Think of an idea right now that you haven’t taken any action on yet.   It's just hanging out waiting to see if you really believe you are worthy of accepting it as true.

This is where so many of us get stuck.

Yes of course you have had ideas in the past that you moved into becoming reality.

I want to talk about that one that you haven’t.

For me it’s around money.  I have experienced tremendous quantum leaps in wealth and like any woman who has experienced what that is like, we keep that momentum going.

That STRETCH can often bring us to a wall.

Here’s a bit of a shocker for you!


If you allow your idea to hang out in that phase of aspiration too long it will fade away.  Just like our emotions, our ideas are meant to be expressed and expanded through action.

Can you imagine how many amazing opportunities we have let pass us by.  I’m so over that and am done accepting it as my current reality.  How about you?

If you want to get fit, do you find inspiration, belief and feel connected to what your healthy life could be like by sitting on the couch watching workout videos.

As a fitness mentor for women for almost two decades I know that just isn’t true.


The only way we are going to create that fit and healthy lifestyle is to feel a deep emotional connection to our new life as that woman.


How do we do that?

We get into the environment and the energy of it.  And stay in that energy until you begin to experience a result.  Which by the way only happens with action.

If we ever want to give ourselves the best chance at creating the life we dream about, we must be willing to move from the percolating idea stage to getting into the right environment.

The one that allows us to experience it.  All with the intention to grow a stronger desire for it through an emotional connection.


So I’ll leave you with this.

- Get serious about what you want.

- Relax into the idea of creating and achieving it.

- Commit and take action by declaring it and stepping into the scary part of experiencing it in your life.

- Never Settle.


Raise your standards of what you accept.


I am right there in the trenches with you.  I get it.  And I’m here to share, understanding will keep you out of fear.  It will make you more confident and that breeds explosive results.

That’s the path I’m on and so are all my clients.


Let’s go!  Life is too short to wait another day!!!


TRY it, LOVE it, LIVE it

xo Tracey Lee


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