Don't Be Fooled


Don't Be Fooled.


The most successful people you follow, admire, and learn from are all struggling, too.

Why is this relevant as we step over the threshold to the land of, I REALLY WANT TO BUT I’M (FILL IN YOUR BLANK).


Simply put, we all started at the beginning.

I would like to share with you these 5 foundational ideas for you to consider while you get ready to create your next chapter.

My life would not be where it is today without paying very close attention to each and every one of these every single day.


When you look at this list, think about what you would do differently tomorrow to elevate your life in these 5 key areas?

Consider what life would look like when you do.

5X your…

1. Ability to make DECISIONS



4. SELF IMAGE and how to show up for yourself and others

5. DISCIPLINE in your practice that nurtures your dreams (This is a big one.)


Those powerful women you look up to have been committed to elevating all of these consistently for a long time.  Was it easy? If it was, we would all be doing it. Right?


We LOVE easy!!!


Everything new feels like a challenge.  If you stick to it long enough it does become a new HABIT.  A new way of being.  Then it feels natural, authentic, and a part of your NEW self image.


This is where things you want finally begin to STICK AROUND.  And through that process you become UNSTUCK!!!


Life should be observed as a long game.  So, let’s stop sprinting.

I missed way too much of my life trying to win the race. It’s time we invest our energy into creating meaningful experiences that let us expand, and express our true selves.

Together we will always BECOME better.


What of these 1 through 5 will you begin working on TODAY?


TRY it, LOVE it, LIVE it

xo Tracey Lee


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